You, Me or only We? The Architecture of Love.

Life is all about making choices. From the most trivial ones when we hesitate what to have for breakfast to the ones that make us filled with ongoing stress and panic: What college to choose from? What professional area should I develop myself in? Should I buy a flat or rent one? When is the right moment to have kids? On top of that, there is the so-called icing on the cake: the choice between your sense of personal freedom and the right to pursue your dreams and Babes, Sweetheart, Hon’Bun, Pumpkin.

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Little tale of happiness

As soon as I graduate from the best University, get at the top of a corporate ladder, buy my own flat / house, be able to afford to go for vacation wherever I wish, have a perfect soulmate beside me… All right, what then?

At last you are going to reach self-fulfillment and state of happiness? Eventually, you would be able to tell yourself that you have just crossed some magical threshold of self-realization and widely understood success? Finally, you would feel that you deserve the recognition of others? When you prove to yourself that “You are enough”?

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I am not a winner! And it feels good.

We are surrounded with the success stories. We see teens in their twenties opening the million worth businesses, young artists sharing their artistic content on Facebook / Instagram and gaining thousands of “likes” or successful entrepreneurs making the job their hobby and spending the rest of their life drinking Mohito on Bahamas Islands. Living in the world full of opportunities is a great pleasure but at the same time it simply overwhelms. Why is that? Because we live in the reality where everyone needs to stand out, show off with unusual talent or hobby, impress with exceptional lifestyle. As a result, it puts an enormous pressure on us and in some cases it simply paralyzes. How to deal with that?

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Love and other disasters

We are fed with the same sentimental, candy sweet story since the early childhood. First, we are told about the handsome prince on a white horse with his lifetime task to save and charm the princess, then at our teenage times we read the tip-column  “How to make him fall in love with you in 30 days” in “Bravo girl”-like magazines and eventually we set off on ongoing ups and downs journey of looking for so-called soulmate. And once we succeed and find this ideal match (but in real, the love-hormone works its magic), we land in paradise! But this is not the topic of my post.

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Quarterlife crisis. And why I opened the blog?

25 years old. This is about time when you start to wonder: what next? Time when the carefree lifestyle creates the surge of remorse. Because you happen to land at the crossroads, in-between, torn between the autumn of youth and seriousness of adulthood. The reality that you live in implies that every decision brings about particular consequences and your carefree actions are no longer treated as an amusing anecdote during get-together but rather as something to be ashamed of. Intrusive thought does not leave you at peace, you cannot help but wonder: I am no longer a student so who exactly am I?

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