Little tale of happiness

As soon as I graduate from the best University, get at the top of a corporate ladder, buy my own flat / house, be able to afford to go for vacation wherever I wish, have a perfect soulmate beside me… All right, what then?

At last you are going to reach self-fulfillment and state of happiness? Eventually, you would be able to tell yourself that you have just crossed some magical threshold of self-realization and widely understood success? Finally, you would feel that you deserve the recognition of others? When you prove to yourself that “You are enough”?

What if I shared with you some crazy discovery, something so incredibly simple and yet incomprehensible that you would not want to believe it and just roll your eyes saying to yourself: “Yeah, right”.

Hold your breath and listen carefully.

A real sense of accomplishment and happiness is a state of inner peace and harmony, the sensation to be living fully and taking advantage of what life brings on a daily basis (mostly the small things). In other words, it is a feeling of happiness that results from the simple fact that YOU ARE. And no, you do not need to deserve it, you do not need to execute the never ending number of working hours, give up your friends and family, get rid of your passions that are said to be worthless in the materialistic reality.  I say: objection! I promise you that you really do not have to accomplish all these things to be able to tell yourself that, yes, here it comes the long awaited moment when you won at life and happiness.

Happiness is a state of freedom. From the fear of suffering, from a sense of emptiness and incompleteness, from wanting, clinging, needing something or someone to cover up all sorts of shortcomings. Above all, peace of mind is freedom from compulsive thinking, any manifestation of negativity and strive for allegedly better future.


Do you think that at the moment you do not deserve happiness and fulfillment because you are not good enough, you are still missing something and the only way to achieve happiness is to postpone it until further notice when you earn it with your actions? And what if I told you that the only way and the point in time to get there is the place where you are right now? Believe me that everything you need to be happy is already there, and in fact, you get there by realizing that you are already there. Surprising enough?

„As long as you are identified with your mind, you have externally derived sense of self: your social role, your possessions, external appearance, successes and failures, belief systems and so on. This false, mind-made self, the ego, feels vulnerable, insecure, and is always seeking new things to identify with to give it a feeling that it exists. But nothing is ever enough to give it a lasting fulfillment.”

Echkart Tolle „Power of Now”


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