Quarterlife crisis. And why I opened the blog?

25 years old. This is about time when you start to wonder: what next? Time when the carefree lifestyle creates the surge of remorse. Because you happen to land at the crossroads, in-between, torn between the autumn of youth and seriousness of adulthood. The reality that you live in implies that every decision brings about particular consequences and your carefree actions are no longer treated as an amusing anecdote during get-together but rather as something to be ashamed of. Intrusive thought does not leave you at peace, you cannot help but wonder: I am no longer a student so who exactly am I?

I faced the question myself very recently and the very first reaction was panic. I said to myself: all right, I am a fresh graduate with a serious relationship experience so next step would be marriage, purchase of flat, professional career I reckon? Or I am missing something here? Yeah, right. Let’s try to look into the case closer.

It is said that conflicted mind, full of contradictory thoughts and questions is supposed to be more fertile and productive so why for the Christ’s sake so many of us find ourselves trapped in society’s expectations to define ourselves as individuals. In other words, why do we force to label ourselves as a mother, wife, ambitious workaholic out of a fear of being no one? Maybe instead we should try  to acknowledge the fact that getting to know oneself: our dreams, needs, expectations is a lifetime project. The worst-case scenario is to squeeze yourself into the convenient drawer called marriage, apartment purchased with a huge loan just to give oneself the sensation of a rite of passage from the puppyhood to responsible adulthood. There is so much more! Do not be afraid that for some time you will be unable to specify your calling, things that you could be doing professionally speaking because it is a high time for you to be one-to-one with yourself and get to know your real needs, expectations and building dreams (that are the driving force throughout your whole life).

And this is exactly the reason why I created the blog. I am a young individual in my twenties (about to celebrate my 25th birthday in August) who is going to set off on a journey in the upcoming months in order to discover myself and my place on Earth. I will keep you posted with my daily inspirations from travels, books and general insights about life&relations.


To sum-up, I would like to quote one sentence that helped me to realize one important thing: that whoever is walking beside you, you and you only is responsible for making your life worthwhile and happy.

„Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life”

Mandy Hale

I do hope that you would accompany me in my adventure. I feel more than ready to embark on the journey into the Unknown. Wish me good luck! (The map with my upcoming travels is here: Moje destynacje).

*For those curious of the origins of my blog’s title. The literal translation would be “Girl with a wet head” but my intention was to refer to one of the classic Polish novels (and film) of Kornel Makuszyński. It tells the story of a girl whose family went bankrupt but her determination and reckless soul helped her to endure the hard times. She was the one to break the social conventions and get herself in trouble at all times (for more information: click).

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